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Amey Pandya all set to see his Dad as SuperHero…….  Toonpur Ka SuperHero
                  After showcasing his acting talent in various Advertisements, Reality Shows, Talk Shows, Serials and Events, Amey Pandya is a super child of Bollywood. He is among the very few child artists who have their presence in more then 10 movies. Recently, Amey showed his carefree acting skills in Yash Raj films “Lafangey Parindey” and now he is playing an important role in “Toonpur Ka Superhero” with this year’s most successful star Ajay Devgan and Kajol.  
               In hi cool attitude Amey said, “I am playing a role of Kabir, Ajay Devgan’s Son and always want to see my dad as a Superhero”. In his cool way Amey adds, “I am crazy about cartoon, and Toonpur ka SuperHero is India’s first Live Animation Movie. I had learned a lot while shooting for Toonpur, it’s different when we have to shoot in Chroma. “Amey is quite confident about Toonpur and he feels every kid will enjoy it watching Toons character Bolly, Pandu, Guppy. While talking to Amey, his care free style has worked on us as well….. So we can say that Amey is simply bindas.  
To wish success to “Toonpur Ka SuperHero” we give our best wishes to Amey for his success. "